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Sportscard Guaranty

Cards we do not grade

SGC can grade most issues that measure 7" x 9" or smaller. SGC will grade most of the issues catalogued in various publications. The following is a list of a few issues that SGC does not grade. Since many new and uncatalogued items exist, this list will occasionally be updated. If you have an unusual piece that does not appear on this list, and you'd like to check to be sure we grade your card, feel free to contact Matthew Clark.


  • 1928 Fro-Joy Babe Ruth
  • 1947 Homogenized Bond Bread Ted Williams/Jackie Robinson/etc. with square corners
  • 1954-55 Topps Sports Illustrated (Cards are on sheets in magazine)
  • 1964, 1971, 1987-1990 Topps Coins
  • 1982 Columbus Clippers Don Mattingly (Black and white, blank backed)
  • 1986-88 Jiffy Pop "Proofs"
  • Legends Magazine cards (Cards are on sheets in magazine)


  • Any Star Company basketball
  • "1985" Missing Links Michael Jordan
  • 23 Karat Gold Gems Of The Court
  • 1997 Hoops Magazine perforated cards
  • 2002 Rookie Review (Cards are on sheets in magazine)
  • 2002-03 Upper Deck Sweet Shot Off The Glass inserts
  • 2003 Sage LeBron James (Card is on sheet in magazine)


  • 2002 Rookie Review (Cards are on sheets in magazine)


  • 1983 National Sports Cards Wayne Gretzky


  • 1997 Topps Tiger Woods Jumbo Photo
  • Legends Magazine Tiger Woods cards (cards are on an unperforated sheet)
  • Tiger Woods "Promo" card


  • 1954 T129 Redman Indian Chiefs
  • Any coins, pins, buttons, or similar pieces

You may be surprised to discover that we grade almost all of your most treasured cards! For any questions, please call us at 1-800-SGC-9212 . It's likely we grade what you have!