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Authentication Staff

Larry Studebaker
Director of Autograph Grading/Authenticator

A native of Boston, MA, Larry became a passionate sports fan and memorabilia collector at the age of seven. He began as a recreational autograph collector in the early 1980's, and this turned into an all-consuming obsession later that decade.

During the late 1980’s and early 1990’s Larry amassed a large collection of autographs, primarily obtained in-person directly from sports, entertainment and political personalities. A significant part of Larry’s expertise for his current vocation was attained through years garnering knowledge while practicing the art of collecting autographs. He became an active autograph dealer both through the Internet and on the New England show circuit from the mid 1990’s through the early 2000’s.

From 2003 through 2006 Larry was employed by Sportsworld, a memorabilia shop in Saugus, MA. During his tenure at Sportsworld, Larry ventured outside New England when he exhibited at the 2003 Atlantic City National, as well as many other larger shows.

From 2006 until 2013 Larry worked for another nationally recognized autograph authentication company. He rose through the ranks, eventually being promoted to Senior Authenticator. During that time he honed his skill by gaining invaluable experience with autographs from all fields and eras. Larry will play an important role with SGC Authentic as the Director of Autograph Grading and Authenticator.

In addition to being an authenticator, Larry is still is an avid collector. He still has the passion for obtaining new autographs after over 30 years of collecting.

Larry has a BA in Political Studies from Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts.

Steve Zarelli
Space & Aviation

Steve Zarelli has been collecting and closely studying space and aviation autographs for over 15 years. He has been at the forefront of identifying deceptive forgeries and his findings have been published in the definitive space collecting reference, "Relics of the Space Race," as well as the UACC’s Pen & Quill magazine. Steve was also a contributor to the UACC signature study, "Neil Armstrong: The Quest for His Autograph." Steve has been an active member of the Universal Autograph Collectors Club for 15 years; he previously served as the Ethics Chairman and currently sits on the UACC Board of Directors.

JD Bardwell

Herman Darvick
Historical & Political

Born in The Bronx, NY, Herman is a Charter Member of the Universal Autograph Collectors Club and served as its President from 1968-1987 and as Editor of the UACC’s journal, “The Pen and Quill,” 1967-1969, 1975-1985, and 1986-1987. In 1984, Herman was awarded the UACC's first Lifetime Achievement Award.

From 1968-2004, Herman taught all subjects, grades 3-6, at PS 99, PS 248, and PS 188 in the Midwood, Gravesend, and Coney Island sections of Brooklyn, NY.

In 1981, Messner Books/Simon & Schuster published his book, “Collecting Autographs.” Herman authored the “Autograph” entry in “World Book Encyclopedia” and its been published in every edition since 1984. He wrote the “Jimmy Carter Philographic Study” in 1978 and co-authored Chapter 1 – Authentication in Sanders Autograph Price Guide 7th edition, 2009.

A forensic expert, he was an expert witness for the United States of America on autograph authenticity and value of the Nixon papers, confiscated after Watergate, in the case of Griffin and Taylor (Executors of the Estate of Richard Nixon) v. United States (1998-2000). Items he has authenticated and sold include Jack Ruby's gun, Judy Garland's last passport, Oscars awarded to John Lennon and Harold Russell, and the first authentic signature of Shoeless Joe Jackson ever sold.

Herman was the owner of Herman M. Darvick Autographs (1968-1985), ran Herman Darvick Autograph Auctions (1985-1995), and was Chief Cataloguer & Authenticator at Gallery of History (1996-2005). Since 2006, Herman has been on the staff of two nationally recognized autograph authentication companies. Since 2008, he has been Writer & Lead Researcher at University Archives.

He has been interviewed by, among others, Oprah Winfrey, Larry King, Bill O'Reilly, Phil Donohue, and Joe Franklin, as well as by the Associated Press, USA Today, People, The Wall Street Journal, Yomiuri Shimbun, Der Spiegel, New York magazine, Newsday, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN, CNBC, and other media.

Phillip Marks
SGC Authentic

With a family history in the collectibles industry, it is no wonder Phillip Marks fell in love with the sports collectibles hobby at a young age. He began collecting vintage cards and autographs in the early 1970’s and never looked back. Growing up in the Philadelphia area, Marks frequented Flyers, Phillies, and Sixers games, where he would wait for players before and after games to obtain their autographs.

As he got older, his love for the hobby grew. He continued to follow Philadelphia sports teams and is still an avid fan, having attended hundreds of games in his lifetime. By the early 1990’s, Marks knew he wanted to make a career for himself in the hobby, and by 1995, he was a full-time autograph dealer. A year later, his knowledge in the autograph field had not gone unnoticed and he became a consultant for several of the most reputable auction houses in the business.

Marks’s expertise is not limited to just autographs. He has bought and sold many vintage sports cards, most notably hundreds of T205’s, T206’s, and T207’s. In addition to the autograph industry, Marks is also considered an expert in the fields of stamps, coins, paper Americana, and antiques. Marks’s personal autograph collection includes those of famous cyclists, Villanova University basketball and football players, and Philadelphia area sports heroes.

John Reznikoff
Historical & Political

Roger Epperson