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Sportscard Guaranty

Sportscard Guaranty FAQs

The SGC FAQ's section (Frequently Asked Questions) presents answers to many of the most common questions we are asked.

If you have a question not answered on this page, please feel free to contact SGC using the "Send Us A Message" form which you can find here. We will respond to you ASAP and if appropriate, add your question here on the FAQ page. Thanks !

Q.) Do I have to join a club, or pay a fee, to submit cards?
A.) No. Simply download an invoice, or call 1-800-SGC-9212 and ask us to send you a Submission Kit with everything you need to send in your cards. Or, you can click here to request a Submission Kit online.

Q.) How do I determine or set the Owner's Declared Value for each card when filling out the invoice?
A.) You may use any of the current price guides to determine values based upon the Hi column price of the cards you are sending in ( i.e.. Beckett, Tuff Stuff, Sports Collector Digest, etc...). Be sure to value each card at what you deem to be the full Replacement Cost.

Q.) Does SGC grade Oversized or Oddball Sized cards?
A.) YES, SGC currently has over 75 different custom sized inserts that properly fit more than 200 issues of sportscards and non-sportscards. Note: Go back to our main page and click on the issues SGC grades to view a listing of a majority of issues SGC currently grades. However, holders in new sizes are being added constantly. Call 1-800-SGC-9212 if you don't see the card-issue on our list that you need graded!

Q.) Does SGC grade Minor League Cards?
A.) Yes, SGC does grade minor league cards including STAR Company team issues. SGC does not grade STAR Company basketball cards.

Q.) Does SGC grade autographed cards?
A.) SGC will grade autographed cards, issued directly from the manufacturers in packs, or with redemption certificates. SGC will grade autographs that were personally obtained, or those acquired through mail-in offers. These autographs must be authenticated by SGC Authentic.

Q.) Does SGC Buy or Sell Cards?
A.) No. SGC is a professional third party, independent, impartial grading service whose purpose is to authenticate and grade sports and non-sports cards consistently and accurately.

Q.) Does SGC accept Bulk Submissions?
A.) SGC does accept bulk submissions. Contact Scott Hileman at 1-800-742-9212 ext. 103, or by email for prices and turn around times.

Q.) Does SGC accept cards graded by another company to be crossed over?
A.) We do offer a crossover service that reviews cards graded by other grading companies. All crossovers must be submitted under the appropriate service level according to the value of the card. Crossovers may be submitted along with raw cards at any service level. Turnaround times on crossovers vary based on the service level chosen.

The procedure for submitting cards for crossover review is easy. Simply fill out an invoice for the appropriate service level desired, and list each card notating the required minimum grade you are looking for in the ‘Variations Or Comments’ column on the invoice. You might also want to stick a post-it note on the slabs notating the minimum requirements you are looking for.

You have several options when it comes to crossovers. Whichever option you choose must be clearly listed on the invoice. We can evaluate cards for the same grade or higher, for a higher grade only, for a lower minimum grade, for any numerical grade, or we can crack the cards out and regrade them entirely. The latter option would allow for the ‘Authentic’ designation in the event our graders detect trimming or other alteration on the card. If you have any questions concerning the crossover options available, please feel free to call Customer Service at 1-800-742-9212.

Q.) Are Turn Around Times guaranteed?
A.) No. The turn around times are estimates of the times within which SGC feels it can accurately and correctly grade your cards. SGC Guarantees Accurate, Consistent Grading. To keep our standard of excellence and ensure accurate grading of your cards, when volume is high, additional days may be needed to complete your order.

Q.) Are SGC's grading fees "per card"?
A.) Yes, the grading service fee is "per card". Remember to include the necessary return postage and insurance or your Federal Express account number.

Q.) How do I pack and ship my cards to send to SGC for Grading?
A.) SGC prefers that you use Registered, Priority or Express mail through the US Postal Service. However, you may also use Fed Ex, UPS or Airborne Express for larger or more valuable shipments. If you are sending you cards to SGC via a carrier other than the US Postal Service, please send your package to:

951 Yamato Rd, Suite 110
Boca Raton, FL 33431

Q.) How do I prepare my cards for shipping?
A.) SGC suggests the following in preparing your cards for shipping:

  • Place cards in semi-rigid holder (CardSaverI) or a "top loader" (please use a 'penny' or thin mylar sleeve).
  • Secure cards to avoid movement within holder.
  • Place cards in sturdy box surround with bubble wrap or wrapping material and secure the box.
  • Ship via a reliable carrier (insurance is strongly suggested but not required).
  • SGC is not responsible for any packages damaged in transit to SGC, so insure accordingly.


  • Do not send card in SCREW-DOWNS or Snap-Tites.
  • Do not send cards without a protector.
  • Do not send in regular envelopes.
  • Do not send cards in "pages."

Q.) How do I know when you receive my cards?
A.) All you need to do is ask the Post Office for a return receipt for the shipment. By doing this, an authorized representative of SGC will have to sign for the package on the date received. By doing this you will get a dated signature confirming delivery to SGC. You can also check the status of your order on our on-line status check.

Q.) Does SGC keep a computerized record of all cards graded and authenticated?
A.) Yes, SGC does keep track of all issues and cards that we authenticate and grade. We anticipate that this information will be formatted for general access soon.

Q.) Does SGC have graded card storage boxes?
A.) YES! SGC now offers custom storage boxes for your SGC graded sportscards. These sturdy and attractive white cardboard boxes proudly bear the SGC logo and hold approximately 45 SGC-graded cards. They are the perfect way to safely store your graded cards!

SGC storage boxes are available by contacting Tyler Grady at 1-800-742-9212 or emailing him at Tyler Grady. Boxes cost $2.50 each when purchasing 4 or more. (Prices do not include shipping.)